About Us

I Want You!

Better said, WE Want You!

The American Cowboy Movie Club is dedicated to preserving and promoting the American, Old West genre, in film.  The emotional spirit of the club is in honor of the life and memory of my late father, Robert L. Bowden, who introduced me to the American cowboy old west, through Old Time Radio and The Capital Theatre and our living room black & white television. Dad often walked with me, for countless, blissful hours, down these happy trails.  I love you and miss you, Daddy! I need to say that publically. And I miss the fun, our shared space in various  entertainment valleys and the time spent, together, riding the silver screen with our cowboy friends.

My dad was a Navy Seabee.  The Seabee motto is “Can Do!” My dad used to say, “There’s a thousand ways to fail.  Don’t tell me how it can’t be done; tell me how you’re going to do it!”

I’m going to build a world-wide club, specializing in the American cowboy and Old West, and I’m going to form thousands of friendships and partnerships to accomplish that goal. No other club or singular person will be discounted.  There’s room for everyone and every club and business that shares the common heartbeat of the American cowboy movie.

However, without you, the individual member, the fellow cowboy, Old West fan and dedicated visionary, this club will never reach the goal of bringing back the American cowboy, and the Old West to Mainstream and Prime Time film.  So, its important that you believe in me, catch the vision and sign up when we launch. By doing so, you’ll have a bunch of fun and have the great satisfaction (and bragging rights) to say that you were one of the founding members!

We do our work by engaging in the following endeavors:

Holding regular meetings, of locally affiliated clubs, around the world.  When it gets built, check out of LOCAL MEETINGS page regarding more details on what happens at local meetings.

Publishing and sponsoring various forms of informational content, educational and social, designed to enhance enjoyment and attention to our cause. When it gets built, check out more details regarding MEDIA OUTREACH.

Conducting hands-on, community outreach, with a special focus on youth and film students.  When it gets built, check out more details by going to our HANDS-ON page.

Over the next few weeks and months, as I work out this club infrastructure, and when I get your great ideas, I will reveal a strategic plan so strong that you’ll see that it cannot fail.

Believe in me, as I believe in the first sighting of this vision.  Then, after a while, after you’ve caught sight of the full vision, my club burdens shall be eased, as I believe in you!

We’ll get it done, Daddy, Can Do!

Thanks, Partners!

Ricky Bowden, Founder, American Cowboy Movie Club.